Friday, 11 May 2012

Tyler's 5 Sentence Challenge

1. The vet was very busy with the queue coming out of the door.
2. There was barking and screeching because of a recent cold.
3. Happily, the ladies had a conversation about their pets.
4. Some of the pets liked the vet, but some disliked him.
5. Meanwhile, the piglet who is as brown as a stick, tried to escape from the basket.


  1. Wow Tyler, what super sentences. You have used commas to separate the parts and I love how you began the second sentence with an adverb. Well done!
    Mrs Prior

  2. These are great sentences Tyler and I'm wondering if you should be looking to having a go at 100WC rather than this one which os for younger children who cannot use great vocabulary like you!

  3. Really nice descriptive words!

  4. Prawnsandhummus22 May 2012 at 09:40

    This 5 sentence challenge is fantastic Tyler. You managed to squeeze in a connective, loads of great adjectives and a sentence opener into just 5 sentences. You should definitely try the 100WC as your use of vocabulary would suit it very well!