Monday, 1 July 2013

Cerys’ hidden words 100WC!

Cerys’ 100 word challenge!   (Typed by Cerys.)

The light was so bright, the sun was beaming over my head, the white clouds were as silky as a sheet that billows out and floats for miles. The ponds looked like milk ponds, it was lovely and warm. It was a place so nice, that not a living soul would step out of this place. At night time, stars and crystals glowed in the distance.  At day time a beautiful summer breeze blew on my relaxed skin…This mysterious place is like heaven .The sky was a beautiful blue, cloudless and lovely. Everyday you could relax and do what you want. This place was ……..

What do you think the compulsory words were? 
Cerys has hidden the 5 words in her 100 word challenge- which are they?

Our class book 'Tom Gates' features in our 100 Word challenges! No.2

Mia’s  100 word challenge (Typed by Mia.)

Today is the first day back. “Hi Amy!” I shouted. “Hi Mia!” Amy replied. Yes I’m sitting by Amy .Tom doesn’t look happy. “No it’s Marcus!”. Mr Fullerman saw Tom on his DS.”Give me that!”, he said aggressively. Tom handed it over. After 30 minutes of Maths it was break, Tom told me and Amy his plan to get his DS back.

At 10 o’clock, me Amy and Tom sneaked in the class room: “Hello??!” said Mr Fullerman, scared. Tom and Amy hid. Mr Fullerman had a beaming light that was so bright! It shone in the classroom. Tom grabbed the DS and ran out of school. “Mr Fullerman was going to be angry, but it was so much fun!”. In the morning we went in the class, Mr Fullerman was red-faced when he saw Tom with his DS: “NOOOO!!”, the class shouted.

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Our class book 'Tom Gates' features in our 100 Word challenges!

Joe’s 100 word challenge!
(Typed by Joe)

Great Monday… At 9:00 am mum’s woken me up, the light was so bright it almost blew my eyeballs out! I tried to adjust to the light, (finally after a minute I did). Now you would expect me to be late for school, well you’re right because after talked with Derek (my best mate) about Dogzombies and ate a biscuit, mum shouts “you’re late for school again’’ I save time by just using mouthwash, and not brushing my hair and not kissing mum goodbye (too old for that really). There we go morning routine, Tom Gates style. In class Marcus Meldrew looks a bit more smug than usual, there’s something which is not right.

Joe has written in the style of L.Pichon, what type of writing is it?
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