Thursday, 31 May 2012

100 Word Challenge Showcase

Gabrielle's 100 Word Challenge has been used as a 'Showcase piece' on the 100 Word Challenge website this week. Well done Gabrielle, you should be very proud of yourself!

Star of the Week

Well done to Lucas for being this week's Star of the Week!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

Today we went to see the Olympic Torch Relay. It was amazing to see the actual flame that was lit in Olympia and will be used in the opening cermony at the Olympics. The atmosphere was fantastic and we all had a great time waving our flags and cheering!

Olympic Maths

Yesterday we worked in groups to set up six different Olympic events - long jump, triple jump, 100 metres, javelin, discus and shot put. We then had the opportunity to have a go at the different events and record our results. Finally, we compared our results with the current world records!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Fantastic Footballers!

Frankwell Wanderers FC had their presentation night over the weekend. Bethan won Player's Player and Katie won Manager's Player. Here they are showing off their trophies! Well done girls!

Olympic Torches

Last week, as part of our D&T topic, we designed and made our own Olympic Torches. What do you think?

Star of the Week

A huge round of applause for Patrick who won star of the week with a massive 16 house points! Great effort Patrick, keep it up!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Gabrielle's 100 Word Challenge

Beth's 100 Word Challenge

Sam A's 100 Word Challenge

We need a swimming pool. We need to persuade Mr Morris that we need a swimming pool to get exercise and safety. You can get lost at the quarry and at school you won’t have to pay to hire it. And the teachers at break will have a job to look at the children or we can get a lifeguard to come in. If we can’t swim we could drown, it could be dangerous. We need a swimming pool because children need to swim. We would have to bring our swimming staff if we want to be able to swim.

Bethan's 100 Word Challenge

Dear Mr Morris,

Please can you get rid of the bees’ nest in the park because children are not having enough exercise. Some kids are complaining because people are getting over weight and not having enough fun. Children in the younger classes are getting into trouble  because they are playing games which they think is exercise and fun but it is getting them into trouble. Some children may have allergies to bee stings and if they get stung by a bee they will have to go to hospital and they could get very ill.

Lillie's 100 Word Challenge

Hey you should join the 100 word challenge because it has loads of exciting prompts each week! The best part is it could come completely out of your imagination! 100 wc is good for us (children) to use our brains, so we are more brainy. Loads of children from around the UK have won, my favourite prompt was the Tim and Moby one; people who have done the 100 wc, what was your favourite one?

5 Sentence Challenge - Week 7

The challenge for this week is to describe the New York City skyline!

100 Week Challenge - Week 32

The prompt this week is to write a piece of persuasive writing. It can be to tell people about the 100WC and why they should join in or vote for it or something completely different. You must just convince them to do what you want!

Olympic Explanation Book 6

Olympic Explanation Book 5

Olympic Explanation Book 4

Monday, 21 May 2012

Friday, 18 May 2012

Star of the Week

Congratulations to Bethan and Sam F who are our Star's of the Week this week!

10 house points each is amazing, well done!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Olympic D&T Project

Dear parents,

Over the next couple of weeks we are hoping to make our own Olympic Torches during D&T lessons. The children have planned their torches and decided what materials they will need. In order to help us, please could you send in kitchen roll tubes and any spare tin foil that you may have?

Thank you,

Mr Holmes

100 Word Challenge - Week 31

The Brain Pop team have asked to provide a prompt. We are so honoured because they have made an animation just for 100WC! So, we have Tim and Moby in the jungle, with some cheeky animals and a surprise! You have 100 words to write a creative piece.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Quad Blogging Week 2

Well done everyone for posting some great comments on Swanmore Primary School's blog! This week we will be visiting Selwyn Ridge's blog. Please use the link below to read their blog and post comments.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Cara's 5 Sentence Challenge

  1. Sitting on their owners’ laps the pets lie silently waiting for the vet.
  2. As quiet as mice the owners sat with their pets.
  3. The vet was very nice and looked after the pets.
  4. The big dog had a bandage on his paw.
  5. There are lots of animals waiting for the vets.

Hannah's 5 Sentence Challenge

  1. A poorly dog was sat with a bandage on his right leg.
  2. The little boy held his dog tightly.
  3. A little boy and his dog were having a cuddle.
  4. An old man was sat down looking all sad.
  5. There is a nice black cat in a cage.

Tyler's 5 Sentence Challenge

1. The vet was very busy with the queue coming out of the door.
2. There was barking and screeching because of a recent cold.
3. Happily, the ladies had a conversation about their pets.
4. Some of the pets liked the vet, but some disliked him.
5. Meanwhile, the piglet who is as brown as a stick, tried to escape from the basket.

Mason's 5 Sentence Challenge

  1. The vets were very busy.
  2. The dog was sitting quietly on the floor.
  3. The cat was on the owner’s lap in the vets.
  4. Vets were calling people into the patients’ room.
  5. The dog had a broken leg in the vets.

Sam F's 100 Word Challenge

Tiredly, I woke up; somehow I was in a helicopter. As slow as a slug I crept into the front seat, there was no one there. “Now what do I need to do? Steer the helicopter! AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!” I screamed. “Someone help me steer this thing!” Suddenly I stopped and thought for a moment. I decided it would be best if I jumped out. Luckily, I had a parachute – or did I? I was falling, I wasn’t too far from the ground and then…

Sam A's 100 Word Challenge

Suddenly I felt the ground shake and it was black, the vines were swinging and trees were falling down. It was dark as night. I stepped carefully until I heard a tiger roar. It was an aggressive, angry tiger. My heart was beating as fast as a bullet. I ran as fast as I could and a tree fell in front of me. Surprisingly, the earthquake stopped but the tiger came back, I was scared but he talked to me, “ How did you get in the jungle?”
“I got stuck in here by an earthquake. Now what do I need to do to get out?”
“I will help you out. Follow me”

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

5 Sentence Challenge - Week 6

I have chosen a very busy scene for you to look at. It is ‘At the Vets’. There is so much going on that I’m sure you will have a problem choosing what to write your 5 Sentences about!

100 Word Challenge - Week 30

This week you have part of a sentence to include in your writing: what do I need...

Monday, 7 May 2012


We have signed up to

QuadBlogging has joined us with three other blogs - Swanmore Primary School in Southampton, Moorlands Federation School in Bath and Selwyn Ridge Primary School in New Zealand. Each week one blog will be the focus blog and the children from the three other schools will visit and comment on that blog. The focus blog for this week is Swanmore Primary School. Please visit their blog and comment on their learning:

Friday, 4 May 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend

I hope you all enjoy your long weekend, I know I will!

Please let me know if you are doing anything special this weekend and I will post it on the blog!


Mr H

Star of the Week

Well done to Natasha and Albena who are our Star's of the Week this week!

Super effort girls, well done!

Olympic ICT lesson

During our ICT lessons we have taken photographs of each other posing for different Olympic events. We then used 'Be Funky' to customise our photographs. Can you guess which events we are posing for?

Oliver's 100 Word Challenge

Isabella's 100 Word Challenge

Ben's 100 Word Challenge

On a scary summer’s night it was Halloween and we went to a marvellous castle that flew noisily around the fluffy clouds. We knocked on the door and the door slightly opened and a pink zombie came dashing in front of us running into the forest. He left the door open so we went inside. As we tiptoed past the kitchen we saw the stairs. We walked up them to the bedroom, when we opened the door I saw someone in the room crying. I opened it wider and went to see if he was ok. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around and he was a skeleton… 

Ella's 100 Word Challenge

Once upon a time there was a marvellous castle surrounded by pink and purple flowers. Bees flew noisily around the beautiful roses when collecting pollen. The castle was perfect in every way even the pretty bluebirds flew around it singing their song but one day that ended it began to rain then hailstone then snow. The sky got darker and darker, the snow disappeared and furthermore the clouds got thicker. “What is happening?” asked a girl called Victoria, “Is the world going to end?”…

Katie O's 100 Word Challenge

One day I was going on a long stay with the night zookeeper when I got there a pig bird flew over us then as soon as I walked in there were two parts of the zoo, next to the zoo there was a hotel. Suddenly, the door of the hotel burst open and there was the night zookeeper standing in front of my watery, glistening eyes. The night zookeeper walked towards me and welcomed me with a pink bunny that could fly. Then he showed me round. The hotel was like a marvellous castle then there was a noisy scream…

Alfie's 100 Word Challenge

One sunny morning, far away from here, there stood a marvellous castle, with a beautiful flowing moat surrounding it. In that castle lived a wonderful princess, with a pink chihuahua that scared the neighbours out of their wits! The birds flew elegantly through the air with worms in their little orange pointy beaks. The flagpole creaked noisily as the wind blew it from side to side. The drawbridge was opening and the princess was coming out! Then she got in her horse and cart and rode into town.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

100 Word Challenge - Week 29

After all the excitement of the Night Keeper Zoo’s visit, we are going to calm things down a bit! Here are five words that you must include in your 100 words this week. They are:
… Marvellous  Castle  Flew  Noisily  Pink …
So that means you have 105 words to use in a creative piece of writing. Try to highlight the words so that your readers can see them easily.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Star of the Week

Well done to Tyler who was our Star of the Week this week!

Brilliant effort Tyler!