Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas play practice!

We are all getting very excited for the Christmas play next week! 
Remember to practice your lines and song words at home so you feel extra confident!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

We are designers!

Some excellent designs being created in Poplar today!

Looking forward to seeing the decorations being made tomorrow,
remember to bring any special decorations you want to use from home!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Poplar dominates 'I am learning' leaderboard!

Well done Dion and Max for being in the school's Top 3 this week!

Very impressive!  :-)

Monday, 4 November 2013

Remember, remember the 5th of November! Our Safety posters.

Orla's excellent fire safety poster

 Daniel's bright and bold safety warnings
Another colourful poster from Alfie H

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Dive into Liam's Imaginary world!

(Typed by Liam) Remember to leave him a comment!

As I slowly came out the other side of the wardrobe I looked at the land in front of
Me , I could see the land as far as the eye could see .Strangly though a lamppost stood right in front of me.The white-ish light stood shimmering in front of me , at the very edge where I could see CairParavel. The hills were blush with soft green grass. Flocks of soft white sheep grazed freely on the fields .The snow crunched under my feet when I walked on it .As I took a few more steps forward a strange figure emerged from the distance…………………The figure came in front of me  ,the person spoke really weirdly . He ran off when he saw me .When he had left I could smell the wet trees it must have rained yesterday or last week suddenly it started snowing , some of it fell into my mouth , it was very plain. I could hear the wind rustling in the trees .The trees felt all flaky. I thought this world wasn’t real. 

Poplar's Powerful Pages!

Pat on the back for Poplar!
Our book club is running really well, the children are creating posters, completing book reviews and recommending books to other members of the class. Here are some examples!

Katie's Poster

Beth's very honest book review!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Anglo-Saxon Secret messages!

We have been writing secret messages using the anglo-saxon runic alphabet.

Here are some of our authentic looking scrolls- We particularly like Alfie B's ( pictured middle.) It even has gruesome looking stains!

I wonder what the secret message will be?

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Daniel has been awarded 2 dojos today for his super effort in his writing assessment!
Well done Daniel- keep it up!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Ace start to assessment week!

We have started the week with a great attitude towards our assessments. 
Particularly Max who received 2 dojos for his mature attitude and trying his best! 

Let's keep it up Poplar!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Andy Stanton's E-newspaper!

Lot's of members of Poplar class have finished and highly recommended 'Mr Gum,' by Andy Stanton.

Andy also writes a funny e-newspaper, log onto
to read it!

Remember to let the rest of the class now what you think by commenting!

Science challenge! Can you complete the shadows game?

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Poplar's Powerful Pages Announcement!

Alfie H and Liam have recommended 'Mr Gum and the Secret Hideout' as our first book of the week.
Please give it a mark out of 10 and a short review!

Monday, 30 September 2013

Christian's fishy 100 Word challenge!

(Typed by Christian) One day my dad took me and Nathan fishing. I cast it in, but the person next to us caught a whopper of a fish. It tried attacking us but bob, the person next to us Whacked it with his fishing rod, it fell back in . Me and Nathan, Bob and dad went snorkelling and saw lots of fish, but not the one bob caught. Then bob saw a cave with lots of whopper fish then we saw the queen alien fish. "swim ahhhhhhhhhh" Millions of fish they chased us for hours, would the fish ever give up......

The poplar blog 2013-2014!

Some of our pupils are designing a new blog for our class! Can't wait to see it! Look out for the changes!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Cerys’ hidden words 100WC!

Cerys’ 100 word challenge!   (Typed by Cerys.)

The light was so bright, the sun was beaming over my head, the white clouds were as silky as a sheet that billows out and floats for miles. The ponds looked like milk ponds, it was lovely and warm. It was a place so nice, that not a living soul would step out of this place. At night time, stars and crystals glowed in the distance.  At day time a beautiful summer breeze blew on my relaxed skin…This mysterious place is like heaven .The sky was a beautiful blue, cloudless and lovely. Everyday you could relax and do what you want. This place was ……..

What do you think the compulsory words were? 
Cerys has hidden the 5 words in her 100 word challenge- which are they?

Our class book 'Tom Gates' features in our 100 Word challenges! No.2

Mia’s  100 word challenge (Typed by Mia.)

Today is the first day back. “Hi Amy!” I shouted. “Hi Mia!” Amy replied. Yes I’m sitting by Amy .Tom doesn’t look happy. “No it’s Marcus!”. Mr Fullerman saw Tom on his DS.”Give me that!”, he said aggressively. Tom handed it over. After 30 minutes of Maths it was break, Tom told me and Amy his plan to get his DS back.

At 10 o’clock, me Amy and Tom sneaked in the class room: “Hello??!” said Mr Fullerman, scared. Tom and Amy hid. Mr Fullerman had a beaming light that was so bright! It shone in the classroom. Tom grabbed the DS and ran out of school. “Mr Fullerman was going to be angry, but it was so much fun!”. In the morning we went in the class, Mr Fullerman was red-faced when he saw Tom with his DS: “NOOOO!!”, the class shouted.

Leave Mia a comment below, what has she done well in her writing?

Our class book 'Tom Gates' features in our 100 Word challenges!

Joe’s 100 word challenge!
(Typed by Joe)

Great Monday… At 9:00 am mum’s woken me up, the light was so bright it almost blew my eyeballs out! I tried to adjust to the light, (finally after a minute I did). Now you would expect me to be late for school, well you’re right because after talked with Derek (my best mate) about Dogzombies and ate a biscuit, mum shouts “you’re late for school again’’ I save time by just using mouthwash, and not brushing my hair and not kissing mum goodbye (too old for that really). There we go morning routine, Tom Gates style. In class Marcus Meldrew looks a bit more smug than usual, there’s something which is not right.

Joe has written in the style of L.Pichon, what type of writing is it?
Leave Joe a comment- he can't wait to hear what you think!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Meet Vendi, our Roman soldier!

Over the last few weeks we have been enjoying working on our digital 'photo-stories.'
Starring 'Vendi the Roman.'

Keep a look out over the next few weeks for our final results!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Science- 'changing states' game! How will you do?

This week in Science we are focusing on changing states, particularly melting ice! This game will help you remember the facts we are learning! Good luck!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Enjoy Alfie's 100 word challenge!

It was a stormy night ,I was walking through the park until a few birds swooped down and I got caught round the hands. They took me away to their nest. I was scrambling to break free but the birds were to strong, so that meant I have to break free at the nest or were they rest. I was screaming for help but no one heard me but then I saw someone running , it looked like he wanted to help me. Then suddenly there was a giant knife came straight at me, all the birds scattered then I fell straight down, the man caught me and the he took me away..... The birds were waiting for there next victim......... DUM! DUM! DUM!

Alfie thinks the birds and the man where working together as a gruesome team! What do you think?

Monday, 13 May 2013

Brilliant Bamzooki Fractions Game!

For homework this week, play this exciting fractions game and post your results. 
Then complete the quiz at the bottom of the page and print or post your score!
Good Luck!

(If you can't go on the blog at home, we will sort out some time at school for you to 
complete the game and quiz!) 

Link to game if it doesn't load:
Link to quiz  if it doesn't load:

Poplar have been full of positive comments this morning after their first SAT!

Keep up the excellent calm attitude!

Imagine you wake up and this is what happens......

Please enjoy this creative writing about a plane crash typed by Adam and William. 

I opened my eyes and dark back smoke surrounding barley visible was the burnt out wreckage of the bunt out plane. I saw boiling hot chunks of metal flying like rockets into the air, all I could smell where fumes from the fuel making it hard to breath I could almost taste the fuel I could here other passengers screaming for help. I tried to crawl but I was frozen with fear I could feel blood down my leg I needed to get out from the danger but should I try north or east? 

Slowly I found the strength to crawl out and carry on carefully trying to dodge the hot metal raining down a screaming passenger held out his hand pleading for help. I managed to move a gigantic piece of  the  planes  wing  trapping  his leg. It took  all  my  strength  and I had to ignore  my  own  pain.

Suddenly I heard a rustling in the trees and the deafening sirens  from the rescue   boat. A man  appeared out  of the  smoke  with  rescue equipment  relief  washed  over  me. I  knew I was  saved I was ready  to  follow  a new  direction. The  pain in my leg so bad I could  feel  consciousness  slipping  away  again.

What could happen next?
You decide! 
Leave us a comment with your ideas! 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Poplar's 3D House designs!

This week in maths we have been looking at surveys.
We are going to vote on which of our brilliant 3D house designs is our classes favourite
and record the results.

Here is Chelsea's excellent design- I wonder if it will win?
What do you think?

Friday, 19 April 2013

Sophie's tense tingling 100 Word challenge!

(Typed by Sophie)

The ice was freezing on my shaking hands, my fingers were sticking together I could see icicles hanging over me. I tried to make another step but I was so cold my legs were as wobbly as jelly, suddenly I could feel myself slipping, I was trying to grab hold of the ice. I was really, really scared but I never ever fell, so I followed my journey to the top of the mountain. I stepped again my hands were still frozen I could not stop shaking my legs like a chainsaw, but I managed to get to the top in the end.

Thank you for reading my 100 word challenge,

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Can you use your 'information finding' skills to escape the tower?

Well done on the 'newspapers' game! Now have a go at this literacy game. Remember to post your results!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Poplar's weird and wonderful portrait gallery!

What do you think of our David Hockney inspired photographic collages?

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.

Challenge yourself! Have a go at this 'newspapers' game!

We have been looking at newspapers this term - so challenge yourself with this spooky game. Post your best score to to the blog! Good luck!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Molly's 100 Word Challenge.

Take a minute to read Molly W's Fantastic 100 Challenge! (Typed by Molly)

Ever since I kept a diary, that scary image still stuck in my head…… the savage face, the black cloak, the body still ringing in my brain and especially the words …………

You may not know what I’m talking about but you will once you’ve heard this. One day my dad, mum and me went into the woods. Unfortunately I lost them going down a different path. I trembled with fear. At last I came to two different paths, one left, one right… BUT! There was a black figure.

What do you think of Molly's writing? 
Poplar class think - J.K. Rowling better watch out!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Welcome to Poplar Cafe!

This week we started our D+T project: Sandwich snacks!

We have been looking at food safety, hygiene and nutrition.

Finlay did a great job as our cafe manager, washing his hands, wiping surfaces, wearing his apron and checking our food.

We tried lots of types of bread and fillings and evaluated their taste, texture and smell.

Based on our evaluations, we have designed our perfect 'healthy' sandwich and will create them next week!