Monday, 13 May 2013

Brilliant Bamzooki Fractions Game!

For homework this week, play this exciting fractions game and post your results. 
Then complete the quiz at the bottom of the page and print or post your score!
Good Luck!

(If you can't go on the blog at home, we will sort out some time at school for you to 
complete the game and quiz!) 

Link to game if it doesn't load:
Link to quiz  if it doesn't load:

Poplar have been full of positive comments this morning after their first SAT!

Keep up the excellent calm attitude!

Imagine you wake up and this is what happens......

Please enjoy this creative writing about a plane crash typed by Adam and William. 

I opened my eyes and dark back smoke surrounding barley visible was the burnt out wreckage of the bunt out plane. I saw boiling hot chunks of metal flying like rockets into the air, all I could smell where fumes from the fuel making it hard to breath I could almost taste the fuel I could here other passengers screaming for help. I tried to crawl but I was frozen with fear I could feel blood down my leg I needed to get out from the danger but should I try north or east? 

Slowly I found the strength to crawl out and carry on carefully trying to dodge the hot metal raining down a screaming passenger held out his hand pleading for help. I managed to move a gigantic piece of  the  planes  wing  trapping  his leg. It took  all  my  strength  and I had to ignore  my  own  pain.

Suddenly I heard a rustling in the trees and the deafening sirens  from the rescue   boat. A man  appeared out  of the  smoke  with  rescue equipment  relief  washed  over  me. I  knew I was  saved I was ready  to  follow  a new  direction. The  pain in my leg so bad I could  feel  consciousness  slipping  away  again.

What could happen next?
You decide! 
Leave us a comment with your ideas! 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Poplar's 3D House designs!

This week in maths we have been looking at surveys.
We are going to vote on which of our brilliant 3D house designs is our classes favourite
and record the results.

Here is Chelsea's excellent design- I wonder if it will win?
What do you think?