Wednesday, 9 May 2012

100 Word Challenge - Week 30

This week you have part of a sentence to include in your writing: what do I need...


  1. One day I was cooking a cake. I looked in the cupboard I had all the ingredent's that I needed I looked in the cooking book. I moaned "now what do I need." So I went to the shop and bought a pack of egg’s and flour. Afterthat I went back home and started cooking the cake.I topped it up with a pile of whipped cream, strawberry’s, chocolate chips and marshmellow’s . Then all my friend’s arrived and they rung the door bell. “I’m coming” I said. I opened the door they all shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY I let them in.

  2. Amazing JC!! I'm so impressed that you have had a go at the 100 word challenge at home, well done. 3 house points!