Friday, 29 August 2014

Goodbye Poplar 13-14!

I hope you have had a fantastic holiday! Enjoy the last few days until you become year 5s!

Monday, 30 June 2014

The nest! By Alice

It was just a normal Monday morning I was walking slowly down the street, thinking about my favourite movie, up!! Suddenly I gasped, a sight I had never seen before………. 2 enormous eggs with brown spots all over the plain white cover on top of hundreds of twigs and sticks under the big, gigantic, brown nest. I carried on walking, but quicker now. I told the whole class about it. I went back outside and suddenly Katie screamed loudly, “what is that?”  I replied   “It’s a nes-…” I stopped talking as the egg cracked open. Everybody screamed “wow!” Everyone ran away except me who stayed put. When I couldn’t see anyone or anything, a bright light appeared out of the cracked egg! I was running away when ….. BOOM!!! Loads of goo squirted out of the egg and it hit my arm and so I ran back to school. When I got home some feathers started to grow. I was turning into a bird!! When I went to school the next day another big colourful bird that looked like the one from, UP grabbed me and took me away. I woke up and realised it was all just a dream!

(Typed by Alice)

The Surprise Nest! By Harriet.

It was just a normal Monday, morning. I was walking slowly down the street, thinking about my favourite movie (up)! Suddenly I came to a halt at the gates as there was no way of getting onto the field path! As I looked through the metal fence I saw the most enormous nest with two gigantic white eggs sitting in the middle! There was bone of raw meat and all sorts of coloured feathers like green, and purple. I went to class shocked about the whole thing and Miss Hughes (our class teacher) took us onto the field to investigate. Obbie shouted “Look at the nest!” Everyone was so excited and scared but then someone spotted footprints of goo on the trees! Lottie suggested, “The footprints might be paint” But then suddenly a gigantic bird swooped down and sat on the eggs! Its wings were as big as an elephant! It dropped some meat out of it’s beak around the nest and flew off. Then one of the eggs started to crack! The egg hatched as goo went everywhere. Everybody screamed and the bird came back and dropped eggs all over the school! The first one that hatched started fertilising all the other eggs  as they all stated to hatch! The whole school was covered in goo as the goo started to grow and grow and grow until everyone and everything was cocooned in a gooey mess. The massive bird came back and took all the baby’s with her as they flew of into the distance.  By Harriet Vernon

Anna's surprising nest story!

“The surprising nest on the Field!” It was just a normal sunny Monday morning and I was walking slowly down the street thinking about my favourite animal, TIGERS!! But when I got to school I walked into the school gates I gasped a sight I have never seen before… I felt scared ,I thought that that mama bird must have been huge also when I went into class I told everyone about the eggs, they were all very impressed, After a while we all went down to see the eggs, they could not believe their eyes. Alice Looked at the eggs as if they were about to hatch and whispered to Alexia, “Are these eggs poisonous?” “I think they are!” Alexia whispered back. 

We all went back into class and I was last until………………. Some kind of animal swooped down and got me it flew to the nest and put me down carefully and landed right next to me. “I’m Eagle, what is your name?” Eagle asked me. “My name is Anna.” I replied back in a scared voice. “What is that huge thing saying Anna?” Asked Dion waiting for an answer,Sudently Eagle made a scary sound. “Run away everyone come on Anna!” Shouted Miss Hughes. “I can’t she needs me you lot go into class while I sort this out.” So they all went into class and left me behind……….

 “Now it’s your turn make the ending of this story!”

 (Typed by Anna)

Our scrumptious nest salads!

Our tasty nest salad!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Beth's 100 Word Challenge (Typed by Beth.)

I had been bad, I had stolen a car. Now I was trying to get away from the police, the chase had begun. The flashing blue lights were shining brightly behind me whilst I was pushing my foot down so hard it felt like it was going to break! Overtaking cars, skidding around motorbikes it wasn’t easy but I managed! When I stole the car what was I thinking? Suddenly my car came to a halt, oh know they burst my tyre. They ran into my BMW that I stole and then the hand cuffs went on I thought I had enough time I wondered and before I knew it I was in a dirty cell.

Alfie's 100 Word Challenge! (Typed by Alfie.)

The Great Candy Accident. It all started when an ordinary man was driving to work in candy town when suddenly a giant cream egg asteroid landed in the middle of the road and just like that the man jumped out of the car and ran of screaming. Quickly, three safety workers put up some cones and drilled the egg open but then a giant candy monster jumped out and started destroyed everything! All three safety workers got in a huddle and said together “there’s only one thing to do…. We eat it!”

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Katie's 100 Word challenge. Typed by Katie!

I was walking slowly through the park looking at all the huge trees and statues, admiring how beautiful they were when suddenly right in front of me was monstrous, ugly massive plant pot with legs! What on earth was it? The next thing I knew is its starting to move and with creaking, rustling and groaning the (thing) flipped upside down and started to run! Next thing I knew is its running towards the history museum and is looking at the dinosaurs. Now it’s acting stupid and starting kicking all the artefacts. Just as suddenly the (thing) stopped moving and flipped back. Calmly walking back outside- strange?.......

Giant Nest shocker!

Our eggsellent surprise!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Our weird day . Written and typed by Lucy.

On Monday morning everybody came to school and sat down .We then we in assembly and sat down Mr. Morris announced that there was some weird thing going on. He then showed us a short video of Mr. .Kenyon on the field on Saturday night .There was lots of goo on the trees and a massive, half build nest! Mr... Morris then told us that there was now a full built nest and 2 giant eggs 4 xs bigger than an ostrich egg!

We then came back to class to have diction about the happenings. Some people thought it was a prank! We then went outside to look for evidences .We then found meaty bones, orange purple and blue feathers. Also we found 3 ripped up tennis balls, a baby bird footprint, mummy footprints on a tree, a small eggshell and finally footprints on a tree .We also noticed that the police had tapped it of.

We then had are lunch .After lunch rumours stared spreading that one of the eggs had hatched so after lessons We headed of to the field we suddenly spotted one of the egg had cracked! We took some picture and went back to class. The question is it a prank or is it…………    

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Shropshire hills- here we come!

We are getting excited for our trip tomorrow, the weather is looking OK!
Remember to wear old clothes, it may be muddy!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

More SATS success!

We completed our reading SAT and our mental Maths yesterday.
Well done on a super effort from George L, you earned yourself 2 dojos for a very grown up attitude!

Monday, 12 May 2014

What a fantastic start to SATs!

We have started our SATs today with our Reading Part 1 and our spelling SAT.
What a super attitude from the class, particularly Logan who was obviously trying really hard.
2 dojos awarded to you! 

Keep it up!

Our alphabetic gym session!

Gym - making letters!

Can you guess our letters and words?

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Most EXTREME reader competition! Who will win?

*Have you ever fancied reading in a really unusual place?*
Then this is the challenge for YOU!! Take a photograph of yourself reading in an extreme place... Send it in to me and we will include you on our Extreme Reading Display in the library. 
Who will be the winner of the title Most Extreme Reader??

Welcome back!

We are back, ready for a new term!
I was very impressed with some of the work completed over half term.
A special well done to Molly, Lucy and Max for some excellent projects! :-)

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Lottie's grusome 100 word challenge!

On November the 5 there was an adventure like never before. Two kids had the time of their life this is where are story begins. Suddenly there was a scream then it all went silent until... The door handle slowly started to turn then a head popped out. It was a child

‘phew’. And then another head popped out the door it was his brother then the dad of Aaron and Ethan. He came out and said ‘I`m going to work stay out of trouble,’ he shouted. Then the two brothers went back inside there was a smash…Then Aaron screamed again. But this time he was in the…ATTIC suddenly there was a tickle down his back, a spider was slowly creeping up his back. He thought to himself and then whispered ”But I thought I had enough time” .The spider started his meal he first bit into his neck and started feasting on his…BLOOD AND BONES.   

Easter egg robbery revealed!

(Typed by Ella) 
‘The masked crook made a run for it’, the police alarmed. I kept running and running till I was out of breath but then I saw it ,the last chocolate egg, I grabbed it as quick as I could , but wait there’s a note on it , its said’ ‘hello earthling from a planet no other eat me quick don’t do a runner’.
I thought, should I or not, it felt like thought were coming out of my head, well the word not popped out of my nose, but anyway I couldn’t decide so I flicked coin, heads I grab, tales I don’t, I flicked it high in the sky and its head, ‘yes’ I screamed, so I crept over and snatched it but then it, it AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHH
I screeched , they tricked me and put me in a scary, dark room and tied me to a chair also they asked me loads of questions till I confessed but they new they would never get it out of me, WWAHHHAHAHAHARRR , I’m one naughty


By Ella

Easter egg robbery revealed!

(Typed by Beth)
I was standing there and suddenly it came to me I should arrest the evil bunny I caught the handcuffs that were flying through the air and then ran like the wind towards the horrible hopper. Running past shops, houses and restaurants, but suddenly it tripped. I sprinted towards it, jumped on it and then the handcuffs went on. I took the evil mastermind down to the police station, they told me to reveal the mad man “ 3,2,1…. Joe?”  “Yes, I only wanted some Easter eggs!”   I couldn’t believe it, it was my little brother...

By Beth Evans 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Poplar on patrol!

We beat the rain and went out for our road safety training this morning.
We learnt about the safest way to cross the road in various situations.

Thanks to the volunteers who came to help us, it is much appreciated.

Our assessment is next Wednesday-remember those rules!

Monday, 24 March 2014


The winners of our best dressed competition, Beth and Logan! Super effort!

French Day - Eiffel Tower Challenge!

French Day - Eiffel Tower Challenge!

20 straws, 20 minutes! Well done to Alexia, Anna and Kacper for the winning tower judged by Mr Morris.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Monday, 3 February 2014

Super SATs attitude!

What a great start to SATs week! 
The majority of the class have started their SATs with a fantastic positive attitude and are looking forward to doing their best!
Well done and keep it up!

Joes 100 word challenge!

(Typed by Joe)

A letter came through the door. Edwena opened the letter and a fateful frown came on her face. A tear trickled down her cheek as she read and read. The one tear multiplied and she began to cry. Killed in action it read. How could she tell her children.6 months later they were going for a walk. Far off on the other side of the field she saw a blurred figure “Henry?” she whispered. She walked toward the man. Then a run. Then a sprint “dada” shouted the boy “kids, Edwena your home your home Henry
Please let Joe know what you think!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Poplar's Powerful Pages!

Our book club is in full swing this term! Take a peek at some of our book reviews and our favourite book cover designs!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Well done!

Thanks to everybody who brought in money for our 'Send a Cow' fund! 
Poplar class managed to raise £65 for this fantastic cause, helping people in Africa! 

Book of the month - By Beth!

This month's book of the month is Barry Loser by Jim Smith.This is a very funny book about a boy called Barry Loser and his enemy. Lot's of different things happen in this like he gets into a fight with his enemy and then they become friends!! By Beth Evans 

Let us know what you think?

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Tomorrow we will be talking about our resolutions for the new year, what will we come up with?