Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Most EXTREME reader competition! Who will win?

*Have you ever fancied reading in a really unusual place?*
Then this is the challenge for YOU!! Take a photograph of yourself reading in an extreme place... Send it in to me and we will include you on our Extreme Reading Display in the library. 
Who will be the winner of the title Most Extreme Reader??

Welcome back!

We are back, ready for a new term!
I was very impressed with some of the work completed over half term.
A special well done to Molly, Lucy and Max for some excellent projects! :-)

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Lottie's grusome 100 word challenge!

On November the 5 there was an adventure like never before. Two kids had the time of their life this is where are story begins. Suddenly there was a scream then it all went silent until... The door handle slowly started to turn then a head popped out. It was a child

‘phew’. And then another head popped out the door it was his brother then the dad of Aaron and Ethan. He came out and said ‘I`m going to work stay out of trouble,’ he shouted. Then the two brothers went back inside there was a smash…Then Aaron screamed again. But this time he was in the…ATTIC suddenly there was a tickle down his back, a spider was slowly creeping up his back. He thought to himself and then whispered ”But I thought I had enough time” .The spider started his meal he first bit into his neck and started feasting on his…BLOOD AND BONES.   

Easter egg robbery revealed!

(Typed by Ella) 
‘The masked crook made a run for it’, the police alarmed. I kept running and running till I was out of breath but then I saw it ,the last chocolate egg, I grabbed it as quick as I could , but wait there’s a note on it , its said’ ‘hello earthling from a planet no other eat me quick don’t do a runner’.
I thought, should I or not, it felt like thought were coming out of my head, well the word not popped out of my nose, but anyway I couldn’t decide so I flicked coin, heads I grab, tales I don’t, I flicked it high in the sky and its head, ‘yes’ I screamed, so I crept over and snatched it but then it, it AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHH
I screeched , they tricked me and put me in a scary, dark room and tied me to a chair also they asked me loads of questions till I confessed but they new they would never get it out of me, WWAHHHAHAHAHARRR , I’m one naughty


By Ella

Easter egg robbery revealed!

(Typed by Beth)
I was standing there and suddenly it came to me I should arrest the evil bunny I caught the handcuffs that were flying through the air and then ran like the wind towards the horrible hopper. Running past shops, houses and restaurants, but suddenly it tripped. I sprinted towards it, jumped on it and then the handcuffs went on. I took the evil mastermind down to the police station, they told me to reveal the mad man “ 3,2,1…. Joe?”  “Yes, I only wanted some Easter eggs!”   I couldn’t believe it, it was my little brother...

By Beth Evans 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Poplar on patrol!

We beat the rain and went out for our road safety training this morning.
We learnt about the safest way to cross the road in various situations.

Thanks to the volunteers who came to help us, it is much appreciated.

Our assessment is next Wednesday-remember those rules!