Thursday, 26 April 2012

100 Word Challenge - Week 28

The children were given a task by the night zookeeper today to create a 'new' animal for his zoo! They have written some amazing descriptions of their animals and would like you to read them (click on the images to make them larger). Please leave some comments about the children's work, it will make their day! Thanks, Mr H

Beth's 100 Word Challenge

Lucas' 100 Word Challenge

Gabrielle's 100 Word Challenge

Georgia's 100 Word Challenge

Pav's 100 Word Challenge

Eloise's 100 Word Challenge

The monkey elephant is a fantastic creature it swings from tree to tree all night it eats leaves and insects happily all the time they move incredibly quickly, it’s got a gigantic tongue. It’s as big as a monkey it’s also got a trunk the same size as an elephant it can also fly with its magnificent colossal ears. It’s really furry and nearly breaks tree branches when it passes its generally very, very friendly its personality is quick, mischievous and clever. The monkey elephant has brilliant hands like a human’s great grip. It has big square teeth and is excellent with the night zookeeper…! I like my animal! 

Jonathan's 100 Word Challenge

My magical animal is a mixture between a pig, giraffe and a hippo. The Pircrapho is adorable but if people wake him the people would die! The Pircrapho’s head can touch the clouds and his neck is a giraffe’s neck times five. He has a pig’s body which is grey and a big hippo bum. When other animals come and spot him they run up and smile but when he roars they all run away. He shines in the sun and eats veg and thorns also wood and meat. If you want to buy the animal as a pet don’t because it won’t fit in your house.

Patrick's 100 Word Challenge

In a deep, dark, damp swamp a strange monster lurks inside the night zoo. Its filthy body is covered in monstrous hair sprouting out. My monster has the body of a monkey, an outrageously strong shell of a turtle and the wings of an elegant crane. It’s quite hard to tell what he will do next because he could swing from tree to tree pounding his chest, flying fluently through the air or secretly scurrying across the ground. So if you do find this in the wild, just watch out.

Katie's 100 Word Challenge

In the distance I saw a strange animal. This animal has eight legs and black scaly wings. Its colours are black and orange stripes. It is huge mammoth size with brown spots like a giraffe all over its body. It is an ancient animal found when the dinosaurs were alive. It’s an octopus that is crossed with a buzzy bee and a giant giraffe and a bat. You don’t dare go near this animal with every step the ground shivers like a tsunami smashing the ground while joining a hurricane. The animal is the most ferocious and colossal animal in the night zoo.

Ella's 100 Word Challenge

This monkey has got tiger stripes but very colourful stripes. The monkey loves playing with humans she acts quite like a person as well, she is very adorable she lives in the top of a tree where the thinnest, greenest leaves grow on that tree there are big bright red juicy cherries. In that tree she has built a mini treehouse where she lives. She likes playing the piano, singing, art and gymnastics. Her best friend is a tiger and cross Panda they both like swimming together and having sleepovers because they are best friends.

Alfie's 100 Word Challenge

In the night zoo standing in front of me was the most fascinating creature I had ever seen before, its walks slowly like an elephant and snaps its jaws ferociously at whoever comes too close. He has an Alligator’s head and the body of a Zebra. Its legs are big and bulgy and has cheetah spots. Its tail is blue like a gentle flowing stream and it’s five miles long! Furthermore, its claws are razor sharp and about 10 cm long! This is not an animal you could have as a pet, so do not go too close, it’s very dangerous.

Louis' 100 Word Challenge

My imaginary animal is mixed between an alligator and a colossal elephant and the name is Elligator, He can run as fast as a hurricane, but its teeth are as sharp as a knife and every step it takes the ground cracks like a tsunami. It has immense claws and its trunk is as long as a plane also it comes from ancient times. He gets anxious when someone annoys him as the colossal body is as big as a building. Its grip on the ground is as tight as a tight rope. This is not a nice pet.

Albena's 100 Word Challenge

My animal has a body of mouse but the size of a giraffe, his temper is very aggressive. He lives in a muddy and filthy pond with slimy and sticky seaweed. It walks like a waddling duck with every step of his way the ground shivers like an earthquake. At the end of his nose he has a horn as silky as feathers and as sharp as daggers. He always charges after his horn he runs as fast as a cheetah and has big red blurry eyes the size of balls. So do not go near my animal because he’ll run over you.

Bethan's 100 Word Challenge

In the night zoo there lives a teeny teeny daddy Panda. When it steps on the ground it sounds like a colossal earthquake. This Panda is not any ordinary Panda, his fur is as soft as a really soft pillow and his claws are as sharp as a really sharp blade. My Panda’s body is a snow leopard’s print and his legs are dragon skin and his head is normal. The best thing about the Panda is he is as cute and cuddly as a teddy bear, but he is dangerous.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

100 Word Challenge

This week we have got a video prompt to help us with the 100 Word Challenge.
The zoo needs some more  keepers and to get the job you have to write a creative piece either about one of the strange animals you saw on the screen or one you have made up. You have only got 100 words so really think hard about the words you choose so that your reader could paint the picture.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Star of the Week

Well done to Hannah who was our Star of the Week this week!

Keep it up Hannah!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

5 Sentence Challenge - Week 5

This time, I want you to share in the celebrations for St Gorges Day. He was the patron saint of England and according to the stories, he fought a dragon and won. So the theme for this time is: Dragons I’m looking forward to seeing what you conjure up from your imaginations!

Road Safety

Today we have learned about Road Safety. Please look at the different questions and see how well you know the green cross code.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

100 Word Challenge - Week 27

The prompt this week is linked to the 23rd April. For those of us in the UK it is St Georges Day. He is the patron saint of England and the legend tells of him slaying a dragon. So the prompt is:
…the dragon slowly stirred …

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

ICT lesson

In our ICT lesson today we used the digital cameras to take photographs of each other in Olympic poses. Can you work out which event we are posing for?

Sunday, 1 April 2012