Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lillie's 100 Word Challenge

Hey you should join the 100 word challenge because it has loads of exciting prompts each week! The best part is it could come completely out of your imagination! 100 wc is good for us (children) to use our brains, so we are more brainy. Loads of children from around the UK have won, my favourite prompt was the Tim and Moby one; people who have done the 100 wc, what was your favourite one?


  1. I was pleased to read your comments about how you have enjoyed the 100wc, this is the best way to persuade everyone to join in, by using your own experiences. Also, I loved your very fancy writing, the font is very cool! Well done from Mrs Robinson 100WC Team

  2. Well done Lillie, a lovely piece of persuasive writing that gives great reasons to join the challenge. I'm glad you enjoy it so much! Keep up the great work!

    Miss Hall (Team 100WC)