Friday, 30 March 2012

Easter Holidays

Hope you all enjoy your 2 week Easter holiday!
I would love to hear about what you've been up to. Please email me any pictures and I will post them on the blog.


Mr H

100 Word Challenge

We haven't had time in school this week to enter the 100 Word Challenge, so if you would like to enter you still can at home. Please look on the 100 Word Challenge website ( to see the prompt and either email me your entry ( or write it as a comment.

Happy writing!

Star of the Week

A huge congratulations to Ben and Sam F for winning Star of the Week this week, well done boys!


Well done to Blue and Green 2 tables for winning Table of the Week, a great effort from all of you!


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Charlie's 5 Sentence Challenge

I can see delightful, happy children playing in the beautiful blue river.
I can see the blazing sun reflecting on the river.
I can see the church bell ringing in the distance.
The lovely flowers are growing peacefully on the banks of the river.
Children and adults are strolling through the narrow streets.

By Charlie

Pav's 100 Word Challenge

"BOOM!" A bomb crashed into London's Tower Bridge.
"Sargent Rogers!" yelled Winston Churchill.
Sargent Rogers asked, *"How can I help you?"*
"Get all the pilots to shoot down the German planes before they destroy the rest of London," replied Winston.
Rogers rushed to tell me and the rest of the pilots. We all quickly got into our planes. My heart started pounding against my rib cage as I started my ascent into the sky. I could barely see because of the smoke and fire from the shot down planes. Then next, in a blink of an eye I woke up in a hospital bed...

By Pav  

Georgia's 100 Word Challenge

"Aahh!" I yawned as I got out of bed and put my slippers and dressing gown on. I crept downstairs really slowly. As I stood on the last step, I lost my balance and fell over. My mind went blank.
"Erm...where am I?" I whispered to myself as I fully opened my eyes. I was in a strange room. I looked to the side and there was Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter.
"Aaahhh! Sorry. Well...Hi," I mumbled. "Where am I"
"How can I help you?" Hermione asked.
Just as I opened my mouth Voldemort appeared.
"Ruuuunnnnn!" screamed Ron and Harry...

By Georgia

Natasha's 5 Sentence Challenge

Ducks are swimming in the glistening river.
You can almost see the trees singing a happy song on this beautiful day.
There are happy children fishing in the gentle river.
A shiny, clean car has been driven quickly.
The large church clock bongs at 12 o'clock.

By Natasha

Friday, 23 March 2012

Star Of The Week

A massive congratulations to Ben for winning Star of the Week this week, well done Ben!


Well done to Orange 2 for winning Table of the Week, a great effort from all of you!


Sport Relief 2012


The children had a great time today raising money for Sport Relief. They were asked to come to school in 'sports clothing' and were then given an opportunity to take part in the following sporting activities and games:

  • Penalty Shootout
  • Crossbar Challenge
  • Keep Ups
  • Obstacle Course
  • Netball Shoot
  • Tennis Keep Ups
  • Frisbee Target
  • Parachute Games
  • Hula Hoops
  • Chip in Bin
  • Spinning Plates
  • Crossbar Inflatable

All the money that was donated for wearing sports clothing and used to pay for the activities has totaled approximately £600 for Sport Relief.

That is an amazing effort! A huge thank you must go to all the staff for making the event very successful and all the children and parents / guardians for their very generous donations.

Visit to find out how the money we raised will help change lives here in the UK and across the world's poorest countries. 

Thank you


Guess What It Is - Week 4

Can you guess what this week's picture is?


Guess What It Is - Week 3

Congratulations to JC, Isaac and Lillie's mum for guessing correctly!


It's a key!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Time For A Clue

It's time for a clue for this week's 'Guess What It Is' competition.

- It will help you unlock doors

I'm sure that will help you!

Face Britain Artwork

Poplar Class took part in Face Britain, a national project that invites all yong people in the UK to submit a self portrait. Our artwork was part of a world record attempt to create the biggest online gallery of self portraits in the world.
We decided to base our self portraits on the work of Pablo Picasso. Can you recognise us?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

5 Sentence Challenge

 This time you have a picture to look at. You will see that it has lots of different things happening. It is actually a picture of Castle Coombe, the village where Dr. Dolittle and War Horse were filmed. 

100 Word Challenge - Week 25

This week’s prompt is designed to get you working on your conversational writing. You need to have a go at using speech in your pieces of writing. It doesn’t have to be very much but the prompt will help. It is:
…..??? asked ‘How can I help you?’… 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Star of the Week - 16th March

Congratulations to Alex for being this week's 'Star of the Week' and to Green 2 table for being 'Table of the Week'

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Albena's 100 Word Challenge

I was carefully creeping along the grass when I suddenly saw fifty white spiders. I was so shocked that I turned pale white! Suddenly, I felt my hand touch the spider. I pushed it so hard that it fell off the branch it was clinging on to. The other spiders looked at me with beady eyes and came charging towards me. I started to walk backwards, but then I realised that they were poisonous, so I started to run as fast as I could. The spiders were too fast for me and they caught me up. I screamed as loud as I could, but ...

By Albena

Beth's 100 Word Challenge

Lately, my dad has constantly been telling us all to be careful of these imaginary, fifty white spiders. Everyone thinks he is going bonkers! He said he saw a spider under the table and on time he even pushed mum onto the sofa! Dad, himself, was always walking and cooking carefully. But then, one morning I regret calling him bonkers because that morning I saw all fifty of the white spiders crawling across my bedroom floor. That morning I went downstairs to apologise and told my mum and brother that I had seen the spiders. From that day on we always believed dad!

By Beth

Lillie's 100 Word Challenge

I carefully pushed the creaky door. Then when I opened the door there was about fifty white spiders!
"Argh," I screamed, as the fifty white spiders started to jump on me and attack me with their slimy, furry, white legs. "Get off me," I yelled.
I got all of them off me and slammed the door shut. For a moment I rested against the door. Then I felt a spider crawling up my leg.
"I thought they were in the other room," I said to myself. All of a sudden, I saw them coming through the wall.
"ARGH, I'M SO SCARED!" I screamed.

By Lillie

Ollie's 100 Word Challenge

It was a normal day and I was playing football in my garden with my mates, when one of them kicked the ball into a hedge and wouldn't go and get it. I decided that I would get it, so I carefully pushed open the hedge and to my surprise about fifty white spiders came scurrying out of the hedge. Some of my mates ran away, but others stayed to get a closer look at the creatures. I stepped closer to touch one of them, but it bit me and the rest showed their teeth, so we all ran away!

By Ollie

Friday, 16 March 2012

Patrick's 100 Word Challenge

I awoke in my warm, cosy bed and yawned deeply, "BRRR!" My alarm clock booked loudly. Suddenly, my sister rushed through the door.
"TV time! Aagh, mega spider!" She shouted in fear.
"Ha Ha, it's just my pet taranchula, Jim." Then a spot of mischief hit my brain. I sneakily crept into my sister's room and wound her alarm clock back to eleven fifty at night. After she went to bed that evening, I crept into her room once more and carefully put my white spider on her.
"BRRR!" She woke up. "Aagh," she screamed. "Get it off me," She pushed back her covers and chased me through the house.

100 Word Challenge - Week 24

This week it was a little more difficult! The children were given five words that had to be included in their writing! The words were:
Carefully   Fifty   Spider   White   Pushed

Guess What It Is - Week 3

What do you think this is a picture of? This is a tricky one! I may post a clue after the weekend.

Guess What It Is - Week 2 Results

Well done to Molly, JC, Patrick, Georgia, Eloise, Lillie, Ollie, Sam F and Alex for guessing correctly!

Our New Poll

Congratulations to Tutankhamun and Cleopatra for being crowned 'Favourite Pharaoh'

Please can you let me know what poll you would like next. Maybe you could make up a new poll for me.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Guess What It Is - week 2

Look at the picture below and post a comment telling me what you think it is.

Guess What It Is

Well done to Chestnut Class, Mrs Prior, Lillie, Emma and Eleanor for guessing what the mystery item of food was!


Star of the Week

A huge well done to Katie E for being this week's Star of the Week!

Also, well done to Red + Blue table for being 'Table of the Week'

Alex's 100 Word Challenge

One day I was out fishing in a fishing boat and was just about to run out of bait. Suddenly, the weather changed for the worse; huge waves started to crash against the side of the boat! It started to calm down, but then the most horrendous storm whipped up! A hurricane started which was most devastating. Gallons of water went flying into the hurricane and then dropped making a splash so loud it rattled the sky! When the water hit, a colossal whirlpool started. The boat was heading towards the whirlpool, with the captain trying his hardest to steer us away...

By Alex - Poplar

Callum's 5 Sentence Challenge

In the summer the flowers will grow beautifully.
The sun was beaming on the plants.
The bees were buzzing loudly.
The birds were singing nicely while sat on the branches of the trees.
I like to play in my garden with all of my friends.

By Callum - Poplar

Katie O's 5 Sentence Challenge

In the garden the trees sway from side to side.
In the garden plants are growing everywhere.
In the garden birds are singing beautifully in the trees.
In the garden the sun shines.
In the garden my pet cat sleeps in the overgrown grass.

By Katie O - Poplar Class

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Star of the Week

Congratulations Lillie for being 'Star of the Week' last week!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Guess What It Is

Look at the picture below and post a comment telling me what you think it is

Friday, 2 March 2012

Today's Maths Lesson

Our objective today in maths was to look at 2D drawings and make the correct 3D shape. Everyone did really well and they thoroughly enjoyed the lesson! 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

World Book Day

Today we dressed as our favourite character from a book for World Book Day! Take a look at the amazing costumes.
Mrs Pigg and Mrs Robinson chose their favourite in each class. Our winner was Georgia who dressed up as 'Cat in the Hat'