Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Tudor Maths Week

This week we have taken part in Maths lessons that are linked to our topic, The Tudors. During our first lesson we thought about how we travelled to school and then discussed how we would have travelled during the Tudor times. For example, children coming in a car to school would have travelled by horse and carriage. We then completed a tally chart to show how many of us would have travelled using these different modes of transport. Once we had recorded our results we created a pictogram, using a key to help understand the results.

Following this we recorded our results in a bar chart and evaluated what we had noticed.

How would you have travelled if you lived in the Tudor times?

Friday, 23 November 2012

Tudor Trip

On Wednesday we went into Shrewsbury to look at some Tudor houses. Do you know what the difference is between real and fake Tudor houses?

The answer is that fake ones have straight wooden beams and real ones have wobbly wooden beams.

By Joe

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Shrewsbury Tudor houses

Yesterday, we walked into Shrewsbury to look at Tudor houses. First, we went to Butcher Row. It is called Butcher Row because that's where the butchers used to sell their food. Then we went to the Shrewsbury castle, we went to Laura's tower. It is called Laura's tower because Laura's dad built it for no reason.

By Josh.

Shewsbury Tudor Visit

Butchers' row is called butchers' row because in Tudor times butchers used to sell their food there.Butchers used to hang meat from little clips.You had to be careful in Tudor times because blood and guts were all over the floor of butchers' row.This was because all of the blood from the meat was dripping onto the rocky floor.Butchers' row still has pegs hanging from some Tudor buildings.We enjoyed our little trip to town.

By Jamie.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Maths on the ipad

Today, some of the children in our class used the ipads during the Maths lesson. They had to complete subtraction calculations and use the 'Explain Everything' app to explain how they solved the problem.