Friday, 4 May 2012

Isabella's 100 Word Challenge


  1. from klaudiusz on ash4 May 2012 at 14:29

    Good 100wc

  2. Hi Isabella,

    I am very impressed by your story, especially as I saw the date written in French. Je suppose que vous etes Francaise ou peut-etre Canadienne?

    Good imagination and excellent use of punctuation.

    Hope to see you back here next week

  3. WELL done I would LOVE to live in a jelly land JC

  4. Hi Isabella - I comment for Team 100wc, and guess who's work I've been given to comment on this week?!

    You have created a super 100wc, which I really enjoyed reading - it sounds like you had a lucky escape from the pirate (I hope he let you go!).

    Also, what a good idea (well done Mr Holmes!) to use a photo of your book, so that everybody can see your super handwriting - looks to me like you're ready to start joining those letters up!
    Mr K :-)