Thursday, 24 May 2012

Gabrielle's 100 Word Challenge


  1. Hi Gabrielle, thank you for entering your persuasive 100wc. It was great to see why you think having a swimming pool would be so beneficial. Do make sure you are punctuating your sentences accurately and try not to start sentences with and.
    Keep up the super work :-)
    Mrs McGuinnity (Team 100wc)

  2. Gabrielle - this is such a great piece of persuasive writing and I do hope Mr Morris agrees to your request. You have laid out some excellent reasons for having a swimming pool so I'm sure he will be persuaded!Well done!

  3. hi gabs great work relly like the idia of a swimming pool.charls

  4. Alex, 6D Swanmore Primary School29 May 2012 at 11:33

    I wish i had a swimming pool at swanmore primary school.

    I like your piece of writing
    by Alex from Swanmore