Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sam A's 100 Word Challenge

We need a swimming pool. We need to persuade Mr Morris that we need a swimming pool to get exercise and safety. You can get lost at the quarry and at school you won’t have to pay to hire it. And the teachers at break will have a job to look at the children or we can get a lifeguard to come in. If we can’t swim we could drown, it could be dangerous. We need a swimming pool because children need to swim. We would have to bring our swimming staff if we want to be able to swim.


  1. Great idea Sam and your right we won't have to go on the coach to the quarry and we will save money on the coach maybe you could put that in your writing well done.

  2. Mrs Halford ( Team100)29 May 2012 at 21:34

    Hello Sam, what a good idea to write to persuade your (head) teacher for a swimming pool. You gave lots of good reasons which would help to make the reader agree with you. It sounds like this is something that you would like to happen for real.