Thursday, 26 April 2012

Albena's 100 Word Challenge

My animal has a body of mouse but the size of a giraffe, his temper is very aggressive. He lives in a muddy and filthy pond with slimy and sticky seaweed. It walks like a waddling duck with every step of his way the ground shivers like an earthquake. At the end of his nose he has a horn as silky as feathers and as sharp as daggers. He always charges after his horn he runs as fast as a cheetah and has big red blurry eyes the size of balls. So do not go near my animal because he’ll run over you.


  1. Elise and jack (Greenfields)27 April 2012 at 14:32

    Well done Albena you used lots of good description and lots of punctuation I thought it was very good I liked the part where you put the ground shivers like an earthquake maybe you could describe where it lives for example in a forest.

    from elise and jack

  2. Albena, this is a really rich description, and very engaging, well done! Could you rephrase your opening slightly: "My animal has the body of a mouse"?