Thursday, 26 April 2012

Patrick's 100 Word Challenge

In a deep, dark, damp swamp a strange monster lurks inside the night zoo. Its filthy body is covered in monstrous hair sprouting out. My monster has the body of a monkey, an outrageously strong shell of a turtle and the wings of an elegant crane. It’s quite hard to tell what he will do next because he could swing from tree to tree pounding his chest, flying fluently through the air or secretly scurrying across the ground. So if you do find this in the wild, just watch out.


  1. Dear Patrick

    Your 100 WC entry is brilliant. We particularly like your use of alliteration, especially 'deep, dark, damp swamp!

    Keep up the good work!

    Red 4, Moorside Primary

  2. emily and karis27 April 2012 at 14:28

    hey pat your sister and her friend emily here we just want to correct some things..

    .do not scare your readers with 'watch out'

    but i must say a great use of adjectives there

    lots and lots of sloppy kisses

  3. Goodness me Patrick! This is a stunning description of a ??? That's what makes it so strong because you have used some delicious vocabulary to help your reader get to the zoo! Many thanks for joining the 100WC this week!

  4. Awesome 100WC Patrick! I love all the very descriptive words you used - I can almost imagine such a creature! Good job - a fun story.

  5. I can tell you've thought really carefully about the words you've chosen for this piece. I particularly like "lurks" and "flying fluently". Keep up the wonderful work, Patrick!

  6. hey pat great 100 wc.

  7. i really like your work and the sentence:deep,dark,swamp.from your freind