Thursday, 26 April 2012

Eloise's 100 Word Challenge

The monkey elephant is a fantastic creature it swings from tree to tree all night it eats leaves and insects happily all the time they move incredibly quickly, it’s got a gigantic tongue. It’s as big as a monkey it’s also got a trunk the same size as an elephant it can also fly with its magnificent colossal ears. It’s really furry and nearly breaks tree branches when it passes its generally very, very friendly its personality is quick, mischievous and clever. The monkey elephant has brilliant hands like a human’s great grip. It has big square teeth and is excellent with the night zookeeper…! I like my animal! 


  1. Hello I like your animal too, Elouise. Wow! You have used lots of excellent descriptive words in your 100 Word Challenge like colossal and gigantic. You painted a picture in my mind of the Monkey Elephant. Well Done! Keep writing!

  2. Hi Eloise. Your creature certainly does sound very strange. I would love to visit the nightzoo to see an animal like this. I like the way you have described the animal's personality as well as what it looks like.

    SOme of your sentences are very long. Try reading your writing out loud to see if you can hear where to put more full stops.

  3. Hello Elouise, thank you for entering the 100wc. Your Monkey Elephant sounds amazing. I had a very good picture of it in my mind.You have used some very good descriptive words to build up the picture of your animals, for example colossal, fantastic and gigantic. I like your animal too!
    Keep writing!