Thursday, 26 April 2012

Jonathan's 100 Word Challenge

My magical animal is a mixture between a pig, giraffe and a hippo. The Pircrapho is adorable but if people wake him the people would die! The Pircrapho’s head can touch the clouds and his neck is a giraffe’s neck times five. He has a pig’s body which is grey and a big hippo bum. When other animals come and spot him they run up and smile but when he roars they all run away. He shines in the sun and eats veg and thorns also wood and meat. If you want to buy the animal as a pet don’t because it won’t fit in your house.


  1. well done jonathan keep it up i like it that it is between a pig a giraff and a hippo keep it up :)

  2. Great entry Jonathan, I liked that you mentioned not to wake him. Now I will be more careful when visiting the Night Zoo!

    Buzz Burman
    Designer, London

  3. What a great piece of writing Jonathan. You have described your Pircrapho really well. I don't think I'd like to wake him up - he sounds dangerous!
    You have used some great punctuation including commas, exclamation marks and apostrophes here.
    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Prior