Thursday, 26 April 2012

Louis' 100 Word Challenge

My imaginary animal is mixed between an alligator and a colossal elephant and the name is Elligator, He can run as fast as a hurricane, but its teeth are as sharp as a knife and every step it takes the ground cracks like a tsunami. It has immense claws and its trunk is as long as a plane also it comes from ancient times. He gets anxious when someone annoys him as the colossal body is as big as a building. Its grip on the ground is as tight as a tight rope. This is not a nice pet.


  1. Wow Louis! There's some great description in this 100 word challenge! I love your animals name too!

    Maybe next time you could incude a comma if you haven't already!

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  2. Louis, I really like your descriptions and your metaphors. I laughed in joy at the name Elligator. Perfect. It definitely is not a nice pet. Great job on the challenge.

    Dr. Lisa

  3. Hi Louis,your 100 word challange this week is really imaganative. I love the way that you have described the teeth... 'As sharp as knives' Well done, I want to hear more 100 word challanges from you..

    MollyR in Ash Class