Friday, 20 June 2014

Our weird day . Written and typed by Lucy.

On Monday morning everybody came to school and sat down .We then we in assembly and sat down Mr. Morris announced that there was some weird thing going on. He then showed us a short video of Mr. .Kenyon on the field on Saturday night .There was lots of goo on the trees and a massive, half build nest! Mr... Morris then told us that there was now a full built nest and 2 giant eggs 4 xs bigger than an ostrich egg!

We then came back to class to have diction about the happenings. Some people thought it was a prank! We then went outside to look for evidences .We then found meaty bones, orange purple and blue feathers. Also we found 3 ripped up tennis balls, a baby bird footprint, mummy footprints on a tree, a small eggshell and finally footprints on a tree .We also noticed that the police had tapped it of.

We then had are lunch .After lunch rumours stared spreading that one of the eggs had hatched so after lessons We headed of to the field we suddenly spotted one of the egg had cracked! We took some picture and went back to class. The question is it a prank or is it…………    

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