Monday, 30 June 2014

Anna's surprising nest story!

“The surprising nest on the Field!” It was just a normal sunny Monday morning and I was walking slowly down the street thinking about my favourite animal, TIGERS!! But when I got to school I walked into the school gates I gasped a sight I have never seen before… I felt scared ,I thought that that mama bird must have been huge also when I went into class I told everyone about the eggs, they were all very impressed, After a while we all went down to see the eggs, they could not believe their eyes. Alice Looked at the eggs as if they were about to hatch and whispered to Alexia, “Are these eggs poisonous?” “I think they are!” Alexia whispered back. 

We all went back into class and I was last until………………. Some kind of animal swooped down and got me it flew to the nest and put me down carefully and landed right next to me. “I’m Eagle, what is your name?” Eagle asked me. “My name is Anna.” I replied back in a scared voice. “What is that huge thing saying Anna?” Asked Dion waiting for an answer,Sudently Eagle made a scary sound. “Run away everyone come on Anna!” Shouted Miss Hughes. “I can’t she needs me you lot go into class while I sort this out.” So they all went into class and left me behind……….

 “Now it’s your turn make the ending of this story!”

 (Typed by Anna)

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  1. That story I rote sound it quite scary for me.