Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Lottie's grusome 100 word challenge!

On November the 5 there was an adventure like never before. Two kids had the time of their life this is where are story begins. Suddenly there was a scream then it all went silent until... The door handle slowly started to turn then a head popped out. It was a child

‘phew’. And then another head popped out the door it was his brother then the dad of Aaron and Ethan. He came out and said ‘I`m going to work stay out of trouble,’ he shouted. Then the two brothers went back inside there was a smash…Then Aaron screamed again. But this time he was in the…ATTIC suddenly there was a tickle down his back, a spider was slowly creeping up his back. He thought to himself and then whispered ”But I thought I had enough time” .The spider started his meal he first bit into his neck and started feasting on his…BLOOD AND BONES.   


  1. Brilliant story and great descriptions :-)

  2. WOW Lottie that sounds even beter than before because I was siting next to you and I read it a cuple of times this is the best won so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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