Monday, 30 June 2014

The nest! By Alice

It was just a normal Monday morning I was walking slowly down the street, thinking about my favourite movie, up!! Suddenly I gasped, a sight I had never seen before………. 2 enormous eggs with brown spots all over the plain white cover on top of hundreds of twigs and sticks under the big, gigantic, brown nest. I carried on walking, but quicker now. I told the whole class about it. I went back outside and suddenly Katie screamed loudly, “what is that?”  I replied   “It’s a nes-…” I stopped talking as the egg cracked open. Everybody screamed “wow!” Everyone ran away except me who stayed put. When I couldn’t see anyone or anything, a bright light appeared out of the cracked egg! I was running away when ….. BOOM!!! Loads of goo squirted out of the egg and it hit my arm and so I ran back to school. When I got home some feathers started to grow. I was turning into a bird!! When I went to school the next day another big colourful bird that looked like the one from, UP grabbed me and took me away. I woke up and realised it was all just a dream!

(Typed by Alice)

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