Monday, 30 June 2014

The Surprise Nest! By Harriet.

It was just a normal Monday, morning. I was walking slowly down the street, thinking about my favourite movie (up)! Suddenly I came to a halt at the gates as there was no way of getting onto the field path! As I looked through the metal fence I saw the most enormous nest with two gigantic white eggs sitting in the middle! There was bone of raw meat and all sorts of coloured feathers like green, and purple. I went to class shocked about the whole thing and Miss Hughes (our class teacher) took us onto the field to investigate. Obbie shouted “Look at the nest!” Everyone was so excited and scared but then someone spotted footprints of goo on the trees! Lottie suggested, “The footprints might be paint” But then suddenly a gigantic bird swooped down and sat on the eggs! Its wings were as big as an elephant! It dropped some meat out of it’s beak around the nest and flew off. Then one of the eggs started to crack! The egg hatched as goo went everywhere. Everybody screamed and the bird came back and dropped eggs all over the school! The first one that hatched started fertilising all the other eggs  as they all stated to hatch! The whole school was covered in goo as the goo started to grow and grow and grow until everyone and everything was cocooned in a gooey mess. The massive bird came back and took all the baby’s with her as they flew of into the distance.  By Harriet Vernon

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