Friday, 19 April 2013

Sophie's tense tingling 100 Word challenge!

(Typed by Sophie)

The ice was freezing on my shaking hands, my fingers were sticking together I could see icicles hanging over me. I tried to make another step but I was so cold my legs were as wobbly as jelly, suddenly I could feel myself slipping, I was trying to grab hold of the ice. I was really, really scared but I never ever fell, so I followed my journey to the top of the mountain. I stepped again my hands were still frozen I could not stop shaking my legs like a chainsaw, but I managed to get to the top in the end.

Thank you for reading my 100 word challenge,


  1. epic 100 word challenge sophie from jamie in poplar

  2. sofie you should do all my 100wc LOL and well done to mrs pugh that story was epic LOL!!!
    HI POPLAR HI BLUE 1AND 2 HI ORANGE 1,2 AND 3 HI GREEN i love this blog lol hi izzy

    from jammy dojer

  3. i ment jammie not m w13 May 2013 at 16:44

    that was epic

  4. LOL you are good at story's! you need to do my 100 word challenge's :D

  5. Hi Sophie,

    What a great story! Your descriptions were so good it really made me get a sense of how cold you were. I think it was because you used some great vocabulary. Well done on the similes - especially the chainsaw one. Have a look at the sentence which begins 'I stepped again...' Can you see where you may need to put a full stop? Sometimes short sentences really add tension and impact.

    Great story Sophie. I hope to see more of your 100WC on the blog.
    Mrs Prior

  6. wow a alsome 100 WC there you made it so creepy i was hacked in a good 100 WC