Monday, 1 July 2013

Our class book 'Tom Gates' features in our 100 Word challenges! No.2

Mia’s  100 word challenge (Typed by Mia.)

Today is the first day back. “Hi Amy!” I shouted. “Hi Mia!” Amy replied. Yes I’m sitting by Amy .Tom doesn’t look happy. “No it’s Marcus!”. Mr Fullerman saw Tom on his DS.”Give me that!”, he said aggressively. Tom handed it over. After 30 minutes of Maths it was break, Tom told me and Amy his plan to get his DS back.

At 10 o’clock, me Amy and Tom sneaked in the class room: “Hello??!” said Mr Fullerman, scared. Tom and Amy hid. Mr Fullerman had a beaming light that was so bright! It shone in the classroom. Tom grabbed the DS and ran out of school. “Mr Fullerman was going to be angry, but it was so much fun!”. In the morning we went in the class, Mr Fullerman was red-faced when he saw Tom with his DS: “NOOOO!!”, the class shouted.

Leave Mia a comment below, what has she done well in her writing?


  1. well done mia your story is so good, you have got the correct puntuation as well and you have used good discribing words to like aggressively and had a really good imagination!

  2. well done Mia i love your 100 word challenge its got good adjectives and describing words i hope tom didn't get told off xxx leonie ;-)

  3. Nice story! I really like your words in the story!