Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Molly's 100 Word Challenge.

Take a minute to read Molly W's Fantastic 100 Challenge! (Typed by Molly)

Ever since I kept a diary, that scary image still stuck in my head…… the savage face, the black cloak, the body still ringing in my brain and especially the words …………

You may not know what I’m talking about but you will once you’ve heard this. One day my dad, mum and me went into the woods. Unfortunately I lost them going down a different path. I trembled with fear. At last I came to two different paths, one left, one right… BUT! There was a black figure.

What do you think of Molly's writing? 
Poplar class think - J.K. Rowling better watch out!


  1. fabulous molly u should write all of my work lol and that is all i can say cause it is so so so good i think it is the best out of the class well done get 2 dojos from it from chloe e

  2. well done molly i want to know what happend next you should write the rest and show and tell. It then you could find a great movie direter and puplish your story its that fantastic happy easter ,jam.

  3. wow it really scared us but it was really good from lauren

  4. wow molly i can imagine you seeing that figure in my head and i cant believe your imagination! at first i was really scared. it was great!!!!!!!

  5. i love it great descriptive words its really exciting and scary i think it deserves a dojo

  6. wow i like it and it so so so good and i think you should put it on Google LOL and if you did it would be famous and i like it because you have used lots of wow words and i wan't know more make a second half if you can ask case i wan't to know more,plus you should be an artist i think it good well done molly and i like the way it builds up and the boom and it is good.YOU SHOULD GET A dojo an i think it fabulous.Adam w