Friday, 8 February 2013

Welcome to Poplar Cafe!

This week we started our D+T project: Sandwich snacks!

We have been looking at food safety, hygiene and nutrition.

Finlay did a great job as our cafe manager, washing his hands, wiping surfaces, wearing his apron and checking our food.

We tried lots of types of bread and fillings and evaluated their taste, texture and smell.

Based on our evaluations, we have designed our perfect 'healthy' sandwich and will create them next week!


  1. hi im jamie my code name is jam girl and i loved making my sandwich,i had cheese spreed and ham but my brother stole it oh well.thanks mrs H.

    yours sincily jamgirl

  2. lolly pop lolly pop oh lolly lolly pop from E J-T12 February 2013 at 20:30

    well done finlay u were very good at bein miss hughe's cafe asisatent and well done to all the groups like the photo of izzy's table cause u worked very well and the same for the other table's of amelia's table , chelease's table , chalie h table and poppi's table and my table chloe and well done to charlie b i think u can all have a dojo from ..... look on the lable

  3. hello i love what your doing with your class i think its amazing maybe i could do that.well done

    from mr jones in ireland

  4. I loved the fillings and breads.It was a yummy week.


  6. when i did it i had cream cheese on one side and butter on the other it was a mega disaster