Sunday, 7 October 2012

Leonie's 100 Word Challenge

One day I was playing in my garden, I was playing on my swing. I suddenly saw a squirrel, it started to grow into a huge sculpture. I felt scared. Then it started to move, it chased me all the way to the park. My heart was beating as fast as fast could be. My friends saw me running, but they couldn't see the beady eyed squirrel.
"What's the matter?" they said.
I was out of breath, "No time to talk, I am in great danger!"
"What? What do you mean?" they shouted, puzzled.
"What! You can't see what's chasing me? You must be blind!"


  1. Hi Leonie,

    What a great story! I like how you have introduced the setting. Your use of adjectives have created some really good suspense. I really felt like I was running with her! But what I really want to know is did they get away? Or did the squirrel catch them up?

  2. Hi leonie
    A really good story.

    how big is your garden ?

  3. won your writing is very good your adjectives are lovy to

  4. WOW leonie.
    i love the bit about a squirrel growing and i also love the end bit it kept me in suss pence.