Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Pav's 100 Word Challenge

"BOOM!" A bomb crashed into London's Tower Bridge.
"Sargent Rogers!" yelled Winston Churchill.
Sargent Rogers asked, *"How can I help you?"*
"Get all the pilots to shoot down the German planes before they destroy the rest of London," replied Winston.
Rogers rushed to tell me and the rest of the pilots. We all quickly got into our planes. My heart started pounding against my rib cage as I started my ascent into the sky. I could barely see because of the smoke and fire from the shot down planes. Then next, in a blink of an eye I woke up in a hospital bed...

By Pav  


  1. Isaac the Badger29 March 2012 at 17:56

    wow, what a fantastic 100wc Pav, you should be very proud of yourself!

  2. This is really great!! I wish I could find out what happened next... :o) Georgie, Pav's mum