Friday, 16 March 2012

Patrick's 100 Word Challenge

I awoke in my warm, cosy bed and yawned deeply, "BRRR!" My alarm clock booked loudly. Suddenly, my sister rushed through the door.
"TV time! Aagh, mega spider!" She shouted in fear.
"Ha Ha, it's just my pet taranchula, Jim." Then a spot of mischief hit my brain. I sneakily crept into my sister's room and wound her alarm clock back to eleven fifty at night. After she went to bed that evening, I crept into her room once more and carefully put my white spider on her.
"BRRR!" She woke up. "Aagh," she screamed. "Get it off me," She pushed back her covers and chased me through the house.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Patrick,

    Great piece using the prompt. I like how the speaker plays a trick on the sister. Very sneaky! I also like "spot of mischief hit my brain."

    Good job!
    4amWriter/Team 100WC