Thursday, 23 February 2012

Welcome to our blog!

Hello and welcome to the Poplar Class blog!

We are a Year 4 class at Greenfields Primary School. In this blog we will share what we've been learning about and activities that we have taken part in.

Our current topic is the 'Ancient Egyptians'. We have been learning about the pyramids, the River Nile, Tutankhamun and the gruesome process of mummification!!

In our Literacy lessons, we have linked our outcomes with the Egyptians. We have just written quest myths based in Egypt (some of which will be posted on our blog) and are now working towards producing information texts about the 'Ancient Egyptians'.

Please feel free to follow our class blog and post any comments.


Mr H


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! Your blog is looking great already. I am looking forward to reading about what you are up to. Keep posting about all the interesting work you do.
    Mrs Prior

  2. Yes welcome to blogging - you must be an expert because this is a fantastic looking blog! Looking forward to seeing more :-)
    Mr K.

  3. hi mr.h JC here so see you on Tuesday:);)

  4. Hi Mr H,
    just got on the blog and I think it's great! I would very much like you to get the gadget that talks and when you do,please choose me, but it's still cool.
    Your's sincerely
    P.S This is from a boy in green. I have long hair. My name starts with a P.

  5. Rhiannon and Greg25 February 2012 at 17:17

    Hi, it's Rhiannon and Greg from Maple class at the moment. We are just commenting to say that your Blog looks Fab.
    Well done Poplar class

  6. our blog is awsome :)


  7. hi I relly like gabbys tomb charlie

  8. this blog is awsome

  9. This is the best blog ever

  10. Hi everyone! What a brilliant idea this blog is! Looking forward to read about what you've been busy with.

    Pav's mum

  11. This blog is awesome I love the courles and feeding the fish Katie

  12. I wonder who will win cara

  13. I wonder who the three people are